To some, dating a divorced man with children may not be an issue. To me it's not the children that are an issue, it's the ex. What exactly is the appropriate relationship that I should accept between my new boyfriend and his ex? I truly know that they will never rekindle their relationship, but is there a time where they need to move on? I understand that they will always be in contact for the kids, but should I expect them to be friends? I find this a little overwhelming. The thought of having to meet his ex and her family. I'm only 28 myself and this is a first for me.

Is there a transition time between when a divorced man is single and when he starts dating (meaning cutting the ex out more)? Is there some kind of ettiquette? Please help...I'm trying to not be a silly jealous woman, but have some concerns as to the amount of contact and the relationship that should exist when couples divorce with children. Any advice from both sides would be appreciated. Thank you.

What type of relationship should divorcees have with one another?
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