vannie and conniem. If you like Hot, Spicy and Chicken try Curried Chicken. Curry comes in a variety of strengts, from mild to veeery hot. I think you can pick up the Curry Powder in an ethnic store. During the depression and after it there was a preperation called "City Chicken". A Google search will bring up many recepies. The City Chicken I remember kind of reminded me of a Shish-Kabob and was made from the cheapest cuts of meat that were available. I bet a few old timers like me remember this dish.

Oh, I love curried chicken. I have found a brand of curry powder that I really like, it is "Indi" brand. Every once in a while when I am looking for something in my fridge, I will open the package just to smell the wonderful spice mixture <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I have never heard of City Chicken but will see if I can find some recipes. I wonder why it is called City Chicken?