I liked the smoked meats that were served in Oklahoma, what a treat. I like North Carolina barbacue and make a quick hop down there to get a very good sandwich at least once a week. I do not know why people always associate hot with spicy. I do not like Cayanne but I do like McIlhenny hot sauce now and then. To me Cayanne is just hot and has no taste. Before there were refridgerators, spices were used to preserve foods. The Middle-East has many recipes for spicy foods and there is a wonderful marinade for meats that you will use on your next cookout. When my ship visited Spain, I would always pick up some Saffron. One time I came home with almos a 1/4 lb. of that stuff and it lasted for a long time. It is amazing how spicy you can make rice by adding a small bit of Saffron to it.

Robert F. Stachurski