conniem. During the 40's gasoline was also rarioned and you could only buy a couple of gallons per week. There was also a shortage of "new" cars because all production of vehicles was aimed toward the military (tanks,jeeps,ships and munitions). Yes, you could get extra milk, if you had children in the household. Milk by the 1/2gal. and full gallon are only a recent development the only thing we had were those quart bottles; even a non-glass container is a recent innovation. Butter was a luxury and a spread for bread or toast was made by mixing a yellow colorant into a substance like Crisco or Lard. BTW, new tires for cars were non-existant so, you made do with what you had.
I did visit Oklahoma and I hope that the State as a vacation place remains a secret for a long time. Too many visitors would ruin this great State.

Robert F. Stachurski