Ok, just got back yesterday from Oahu, Kauai, and Lanai. Heading soon to Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, and Isla Holbox; and later to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

Islander: IM, Coz, & IH are all in Mexico, right? I glanced at your website and your approach to travel sounds very interesting. I love the idea of getting to know the locals from an insider's perspective. This is really hard to do if you're traveling alone and don't speak Spanish fluently, but it's what can make travel and intercultural experiences so special. I do have some questions regarding dance experience needed,etc. and will be sending you and email shortly.

Via, thanks for looking. I agree with you in regards to speaking the language as a means to understanding the local way of life. The best travel memories I have all have to do with hanging out with the locals and them sharing their home towns with me. Many of the friendships I've made traveling this way have lasted for decades and, I trust, will last a lifetime. This is exactly the type of experience that I want to share with others (especially with women who may have an even harder time traveling alone). It's also the reason why I do only very small groups and why we stay away from the busloads of tourists.

As far as dance experience, my trips are for those interested in learning. Though I grew up dancing (my mother's family is Cuban and dancing was mandatory;)), many of the dances we learn are folk dances and they vary greatly throughout Latin America, so most of them are still new to me also. The dance schedules are active (a dance class every other day with optional outings at night) but not demanding.

I hope this answers your questions but feel free to email me any others.