Worse trip ever? My first honeymoon which was in Disney World. Yes, I know that that has to be the strangest choice for "grown ups" when they want to spend their honeymoon relaxing but my husband at the time had never been to Florida.

Anyhow, for just rooms and airfare we paid close to $3,000 for 4 days. No park tickets, no meals, no rental car. When we checked in they made my ex carry all of our bags to our room. I remember packing pretty much my whole closet and him huffing and puffing up the bridge and through the paths and up the stairs finally to our room. The room with twin beds although we reserved a queen or king sized bed - can't remember, it's been a while. But I do remember that I could have lost 15lbs just walking from our room to the bus that takes you to the various parks.

Food was not included so we had only one good meal which was at a restaurant in Epcot Center I believe. Best lobster bisque I have ever had! The rest of the meals remind me of Atlantic City when I went with my grandparents and we went to the buffets. Enough said.

Then again.. the trip to Breezes was kind of awful as well. I guess 2 trips out of many isn't too bad.