I love my new job. At the old one, I had to park across the street because our parking lot was so small. As soon as I got out of my car, I was assaulted by images of panhandlers and street walkers, not to mention the newspaper racks full of adult advertising. Yesterday, at my new job, I drove to work, parked next to the building, and, as I walked to the doorway, saw bunnies playing in the dew-wet grass, quail running through the brush, and a sparrow carrying a huge mouthful of string in which to build a nest.

On the weekends I take call from 8am-noon. Today I got called in for a two-part test. I injected the patient at 8am, took 15 min of pictures, shuttled her off to her room...and then drove down to the lake. I watched the carp play in the water, two raptors float on the thermals above, and a little chipmunk poke his head in and out of the lava rock entrance to his home. Two hours later, I returned to the hospital and did 20 more minutes of delayed imaging on the patient and happily drove home. Life is good.