Well, I actually choose answer #4 - that I'll explain my opinion separately. So here it is:

I ALMOST want to vote for "too TACKY!" because my initial reaction is that I would be embarrassed to be seen wearing something that is obviously from or promoting a movie. (For example, I'd be embarrassed to wear a fake replica of the blue heart diamond necklace from the Titanic . . . ).

However, I have to admit that I am *tempted* to purchase and even wear (!) one of the gorgeous replica One Rings based on The Lord of the Rings. Of course, I loved the movies - and I've also been a fan of the books. Plus, these rings with their elegant inscriptions and simple style generally appeal to me.

That said, I very well may not end up purchasing one of them. Or, if I do, I'll wait a while for the fanfare of the movie to settle down . . .