A small car with non-agressive looks is for women.

Politics is not for women. Army and police service, generally are not for women. Weightlifting is not for women. When women play football, it looks stupid. I wonder if they have already invented boxing for women ... or ice hockey?

Men and women ARE different and no matter how you try to make both do exactly the same things, some are just not for men and other are not for women. The most clear examples are in sports. Men would never do artistic gymnastics or artistic dancing under water (or whatever it's callel), would they?

I certainly hope I'm not offending anyone ...

I was reading this forum and came across this. I know it was written in 2002 but WOW, I had to comment. Is it offending me? Slightly. I drive a sports car and yes I know how to fix it. I'm a security officer, aspiring correction officer and criminal justice student. A big sports fan(OSU Football YAY). I work out and my sister is a bodybuilder. I'm a fantastic poker and pool player. Most of all, I'm girly......I like doing my hair, make-up, dressing up. I like the arts and all the other "girl" things this person is assuming girls or women should like.
Guess what, my boyfriend barely knows how to change his tire. He plays sports but loves Phantom of the Opera. He likes to dance and sing.
I'm not offended but more annoyed with the fact that some women have the same mentality as some chauvinistic men. I'll admit I have a mind set that the woman is the homemaker and I love to cook and clean blah blah blah but I can like changing my oil, mowing my lawn, and screaming at the TV when the pass is intercepted.

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