AINTD, we have hundreds of women as representatives, governors, and senators in the United States. England has had women running their government for centuries. If we just stick with this one particular thought of yours, that a female is somehow "bad" in government, then obviously you have not had much experience *with* government. Women rate just as well as men do in all areas of government according to any poll we can look at. In fact, their ability to negotiate well makes them in some cases BETTER suited for proper government than a man might be, if we follow your logic about how men and women are.

If you are incapable of allowing a female to govern YOU, that is an issue that you need to work through. But it is not an issue that most adult humans have any difficulty with.

If you have a girlfriend that gets emotional, that is your personal choice. Do not assume that all or even most women are like your girlfriend.

P. Pureheart