So many replies from all grown up people ... I'm actually honored.

First thing is first ... I do have girl-friend and a steady relationship for over than 2 years. In many arguments that do arise, she is the first to loose her temper and only later she'd say "OK, I admit, I wasn't quite right. I guess I overreacted.", but at the moment of discussion she'd be just like all of you. And we get along quite happily, without any tensions.

You also must have some serious lack of self-esteem if you wish to infiltrate every single area which before was a "man-only" ... I would really like to see the person (be that man or woman) who has introduced the female weightlifting.

This stance "Men apart! Women are coming!" is not really friendly and sane, is it? And yes, I have noticed that women have taken over some previously unallowed positions. That is not really the point of the discussion. I'm at no point said that the way the things were ... say a century ago, were good and fair. You're extracting way more from my words than there really is in them. I say "1" and you'll say "2, 3 and 4", not very nice way of having a discussion.

That hubby remark ... he may still consider himself the stupides on earth in his own weight class, since he's older, I'm not going to take that away from him.

And you know what ... I now see things the other way round ... if 100 years ago it were men who had been oppressing women, now it's the opposite. Whatever you say or do, a woman can always say "Oh, you're a macho! You don't like and respect women! What a bad person you are! Shame on you! I hope you'll never have children!". We see a lot of families in which husbands are like door mats, always under the heel of a woman (I wonder if it's your case ... very developed in USA judging from the movies) ... Is that right?

I do not need to prove anything since everything I've said, has already been proved by the current world situation. There are no women where they should not be (with rare exceptions).

To the artist girl - NO YOU CAN NOT invent something completely new. It was Platon I think who demonstrated it. You can either invent something directly deriving from a seen object. Or, you can invent something indirectly, which doesn't exist, but which will be formed by existing things. I think his example was the one of "New Jerusalem" ... a place that did not exist, but he imagined it as a place with marble columns, golden walls and things alike. You see ... "marble" ... "columns" ... "walls" ... "gold" ... These things do exist. Take our beloved FF game for example. It is obvious that they wanted to make a fantasy world, but they cannot make something really unseen and new. They just can't. It still has plenty of elements from the real world. So, do not tell me, that you're inventing each and every day something new. You'd be world wide famous if it was true.

I do not know whether you read what you write. But your attitude is rather hostile. I have exacty the same right to say whatever pleases me as you do, but somehow I avoid making personal remarks. Women will never be as men and men will never be as women. The physical differences are the very minor ones that exist in between the two. You know which adjective can be applied to many women ... once again judging from the movies ... "evil". Men rarely are evil ... they may be dumb, weak, arrogant even cruel, but not evil. Only god knows what may happen in a woman's heart when she sees that her best friend has something new and better than she has ... on this one I do have experience.

One more thing ... men always forgive women ... and they would say "Of course honey, you're right.", in order to keep the peace, because it is women who are easily inflamable.

As for the history ... we can't really debate on that, can we? ... I have plenty of facts of men' achievements, and a bunch of women'. There were quite a few female talented governers in the past. Take Spain or Russia as an example. This doesn't really matter, we're not discussing the merits of both genders.

To sum it all up a bit. I'll dearly love my future wife (no matter what you, all kind women, say), treat her with respect and never limit her liberty. I'm actually pretty sure that it will be her who'll be managing the money and expences. I also do have respect for all other women. But I will not change my posture, that there is no place in certain areas for ordinary women (ordinary means: the usual spirit, bad temper control, etc.).