I have only seen previews of Cirque de Solei, you will have to ask whoever posted about it for more info. I assume that she was saying the same thing I was, men sometimes do the same moves as the women in any form of gymnastics here in the US and I assume there are other countries.

I never said that women's emotions were controllable. Women are no less and no more in control than men. Perhaps you should try watching more action flicks or sports if you wish to see men in their emotional stages. Then compare those and see if men truly have the advantage.

You tell me to get a hold of myself yet I have not lost control. To me this is an important discussion because I see issues all the time arising from issues based on gender differences.

" you have the same rights to live, walk, breathe and whatever as men." This has been my point to you all along. Many of your words do suggest it should be otherwise. Many men would not stand for someone suggesting they were inferior or should not be allowed to be involved in poloitics or business, why should a woman stand for it?