Jesus ... I guess I'm starting to loose my temper as well ... Are you reading only every second word I posted? The word "gymnastics" went along with the word "artistic". I don't know the Cirque de Solei, sorry, the best circus is Russian, and they do have plenty of male gymnasts. But EVEN when they do something artistic in pair with a woman, it is the WOMAN who would bend and fly and do all those things, while it is the MAN who will support her. I'm not saying that it's the sex that determines the acceptability of a person in an office, it is the sex that determines the nature of a person.

I have also said that women' tears are not to be ashamed of. I said that true women' reaction of anger and similar emotions are far more dangerous. A woman will not cry when hurt, at least the one that is in politics or large scale business, she will deeply hate the one who did it to her, and won't miss the chance to take revenge.

You're just speaking as a true woman "No, no, no, you're just absolutely wrong! A woman is a soft creature, she may cry but she is far less offensive than a man." And we all know HOW women can HATE each other, don't we? Now, transfer this hate to the governmental level. Women are capable of much more destructive emotions than men and you'll lie if you say "No they are not!".

I'm not saying emotions are bad, I'm saying that a person with these emotions should not be given too much power. And the way the things are, there are only very few women overall in governments and they occupy the less dangerous posts, those I've mentioned. This is just natural.

You know what? - I'm somehow sure, if we were talking right now looking into the eyes, and if you had some kind of power over me, you would use it the most devastating way. Sorry, but that's the impression you gave me. If you were a police officer of some kind, you'd send me to jail for "discriminating propaganda" or something alike. You cannot ahold of yourself and you still think it is right to have women occupying the key posts?

Does anyone of you watch the movies made in your own country by your own citizens? I certainly do. Haven't you ever noticed what women are capable of? And it's not the invention of the author, you can't invent something without ever seeing it. There is no smoke without fire.

The very fact that you wish not to admit that women' emotions can be uncontrolable (comparing to men') says it all.

Now, having read all this, you'd say what a ******************** (whatever goes in there) ... and am still saying that women are just great, without them the world would be destroyed. They do keep things running but on different level. Why is it that you want into government so badly? Is it hurting the self-esteem? Well, it should not! You role is as important as men', you want to be in the government? You want to contol people? I don't understand it. Nobody is disriminating you, you're not a slave, you're paid for the job you do, you have the same rights to live, walk, breathe and whatever as men. In the end, things are self controled, and there is no tension in the world regarding this issue. That means, that generally, everyone's happy, but when someone mentions that there are such places where women should not be, then of course you wind up.

I do not consider myself smart ... it's the other way round in fact ... I must be a real idiot having brought up this topic ... in a forum created by women. I was very naive, I guess. My apologies.