yes I am emotional when someone expresses an opinion that could lead to women being oppressed. I am not ashamed of my emotions.

What makes you think that "espionage" is only on the corporate level? First of all, my mother's office is one that deals with handling the problems that arise from "corporate america". She is right in the middle of trying to repair the damage that most of her clients have done to themselves! (and yes, I am refering to both male and female clients)

And gymnastics being only for women? I take it you have never seen cirque de solei. ( lots of male gymnasts)

I do find this attitude offensive, only because you have given no real reason why women should be banned from positions of authority, only archaic stereotypes! I have listened to your position, I considered your points, and I am not agreeing with it. Sorry, give me a real reason, and I'll be more than happy to consider it, but claiming that a person is not capable of filling a business office because of their sex is ridiculous! That's like me saying that men only think with their groin, and therefore are unsuited to making any real decisions.

Phew! now that I've said my shpiell.. anyone know of a reliable van that has good gas mileage? I need one to transport my booth ( I thought about a truck, but it's just not tall enough, and I have lots of loose papers). We thought about getting a caravan, but I heard that they've been having tranie problems.