XLadyRogue, haven't noticed your reply regarding the delicate issue at first.

Starting from the end of it, I really do not mean disrespect or offense to women. And I do not underestimate their abilities. Life would be complete ... well, you know what ... without women.

Of course things are going along MORE or LESS smoothly, since everyone minds his/her own business. Put a woman in charge of Pentagon and a man in charge of (let see ... what men can really be bad at ...) ... let's say a finance minister in charge of underprivileged teens problem. And you'll get the things wrong.

As I said ... there are exception from each rule which only CONFIRM the existence of this very rule.

As for the lack of historic point-outs of women' courage ... people can't really write books on everything, can they. History books are dedicated to major scale important events. So, it's just the way things are in this department. Not many women who did something really important. If there was some sort of science studying "individual acts of courage" ... not from the point of view of importance to all the world, but from the point of view of an outstanding personality of some person, then of course there woulf be many women there.

Emotions ... careful here ... I never said that women' tears are bad. Not at all. I'm talking about uncontrolled bursts of anger which is more true to a woman's nature that it is to a man's. Women can be really cruel ... a lot more than men. Really cruel and very smart (in a bad sence of word, not intelligent but with predators' instincts) ... yet, this woman will look as a normal one to anyone. Watch any movie (produced in Hollywood by the way) and in 90% of cases, all the big problems arise because of women ... So, it's not reasonable, to put a woman in control of something real "big" ... There are many masculine a**ho*** ... but they are visible to an eye ... you can almost always predict them ... Men, usually are just not capable of uncontrollabe bursts of anger or eny other emotion. I have said many words ... I do not know whether they have delivered the point I meant.