OK, this is a kind of hate thread now and I'm in its center.

// To Jessica, Art History & Mythology:

I'm afraid my english is not good enough, but according to my modest knowledge, "law firm" is the place for lawyers and lawyers' speciality is to know the law and to know how to interpret it, not how to make one. The fact that a woman can make a big deal of money is irrelevant, I never said she could not. By BIG business, I meant other level of companies. Levels at which people kill, betray, spy and do anything to keep on going. I strongly believe, that place is not for normal women such as your mother. So, no contradiction here.

This is a good one. <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Kick boxing seems to me a bit diffrent from boxing. Boxing is where people usually end up lying in a pool of blood and die at 50 years. Women do all sorts of martial arts fighting, don't they? - Have nothing against that. Were you lifting 200kg at college? If not, then I meant the other "weigthlifting", where people break bones and tear all inside of them. Not nice nor good for women to be here.

I'm not saying that men are insensitive. They can be more sensitive that women. I'm saying that they know when they should and not be sensitive. Women usually are sensitive by nature without control. Besides, it is known from long ago that there are exceptions from any rule, which only confirm this rule.

Maybe a little bit bad example about artistic gymnastics. Anyway, it has misslead you to a false conclusion. Artistic gymnastics is when girls frow all kind of objects into the air, bend themselves beyonf the point of imagination and all that kind of things. They do that, men don't. It's just not for the sport for men. This sport would really look good if men were in it. That was the point. I do enjoy watching ice-skating, so, please, don't think that the idea of a man dancing is alien to me.

I haven't said that if women are extremely good at one thing (giving birth), they must be absolutely bad in all other aspects, that is be stupid, did I? You're really mixing up the facts. Men can be sensitive and men can love children, in fact, they usually do as much as mothers.

Another missinterpretation is that no women should be in the government, ofcourse they should. They should be doing what is true to their nature. And I have mentioned quite a few areas, haven't I? But to see a woman as minister of defense (or whatever this position is called in USA) ... or as minister of foreign affairs, that's just not good for the country and for all other women too.

Last but not least ... your reply was overfilled with emotions from my point of view. You just prefer to put yourself in an offensive stance than trully listen to the points I've mentioned.

Once again, no offence meant. I consider this to be dialogue ... a debate if you wish. Not small-scale war.

// To Terrie_Bittner:

I really hope the book you were reading is not by an American author, if not, it was a waste of time.