AINTD, you are correct in saying that men and women are different. We most certainly have different physical body parts. It is unfair to shove and women alike into a box that does been proven time and again that does not fit everyone. Some women are large and agressive and some men are frail and emotional. People are far too complex for the rigid lines you set.

Now you mention that you feel things are going along smoothly. Funny that you should feel that way when women partially run the governments of many major countries. I think we are far less likely today to make rash judgements.

You point out that history does not offer many noteable women. I believe that the cause for this is opinions like your own. Women were not allowed to do many of the things we are all free to do today. Do you think history books really want to print stories about the mother who nursed her dying child, the woman who made sacrificies so her children had clothing and an education. History books are centered on inventions, discoveries, and wars...things women were barred from. The few who did were truly memorable because they had to battle a society to get where they were.

Now let's focus on those emotions that women have. Men operate from them as well. It is often more excuseable when it is labeled adrenaline, agression, arrogance, pride,loyalty or passion. A woman's tears are ridiculed while men's emotions emotions are given respect and honorable badges.

You say you wish not to offend or disrespect yet you believe in and encourage undervaluing women. Men and women can rejoice in their differences and come together in a unified it for marriage, in the work force or for their governments when opinions like yours are dead and buried in the past where they belong.