I think that it's rather narrow minded to group all women under one idea. My mother is the head of her own law firm. She makes a great deal of money, runs her company firmly, and has a great deal of success. your statement that she would have to be a cold hearted woman to do this is entirely in the wrong. She loves my children, and is very affectionate with them.

When I was in high school, I learned kick boxing with my then-boyfriend. I was very good at it, and could beat him most of the time. As part of our workout, we did lift weights. I was also on the track team, and won most of my short distance sprints.

My husband is one of the sweetest people in the world, and is very sensitive. In fact, I make all of the financial and business desicions in the house, because he "thinks with his emotions".

I can't dance, I look like a stick when I do, but my brother is one of the most graceful people I've ever seen. And if you think that men can't dance, I challenge you to go to a ballet, and really watch the male dancers.

I would be making the same errors of judgement that you have, if I was to say that men are all testosterone loaded beasts, incapable of intellectual thought. Throughout history women have been placed in a secondary role, mainly because we have the ability to give birth. But that ability does not mean that we all have mush for brains. Just because we can become mothers does not mean that's all we are good for! I have seen plenty of women who have children, but no "maternal instinct". My husband and my brother's all have very strong "maternal instincts" when it comes to children! Often they are MORE protective than I would be!

We are not asking that our society be converted to "all women" we want EQUAL opportunities in the government. I think that an all male run society is just as hampered as an all female society. Only when the two sexes work together do you find true balance.