Err ... one more note ... I'm not trying too offend you and all other beautiful women of this forum and all in the world in general. That would be the edge of arrogance, machismo and disrespect. I'm trying to explain the point that usually the men have to hold women away from those things.

Business, politics, army, police, brute-strength sports, these are all activities that require that little something, women usually do not have. Some more physical strength ... some more psychological stability ... being a bit more "bad" (in a good sence of word) ... Army and politics above all require very clear and straight mind under all circumstances, women tend to get overexcited if something happens.

Men would be nobody without women and viceversa. There are just some things, that by nature suit women more than men and men more than women. While having softer heart and overall nature, women better take care of nature, environment, children related problems, charity, art, education. Many areas are just as good for men and women, the biggest of course is science.

I do not see any offensive point in all this.