No you're not. Even though you have a brain, you will use your emotions under stress. Only real cold women can think straight with no heart, but then again, I wouldn't call such one a woman.

History does know some great women, but their number is minuscule and very often they were not ordinary women who were given some power and authority, they were exceptional.

Usually, the laws are the same both for men and women (in some occasions they even benefir women more), so, there is no discrimination.

What I'm saying is that if we now and here, give all the power and control to women, the world will suffer greatly. You often think of men as being dumb, unreasonable, arrogant ... but in fact, the world is running, while far from perfectly but in a more or less right direction. Men are balanced. I'm not saying that women are stupid to be in politics, or they are too weak, not at all. What I'm saying is that they should not be there, because they are rather to emotional, they will harm everybody having all the best in mind.

I would say more, women should not really be into big business, where everyine is bloodthirsty. One female-psychologist said that at any under-stress situation, any woman will use her heart, and NOT the brain and this is dangerous, don't you think?