There is such a concept as "majority". That is, some cars are tipically driven be women, and other by men. Ofcourse, I'm refering myself to the exterior design of the car. However, there seems to be a correlation between power and design, since it's very rare for a powerful car look too femmenine. Tkae Mercedes SLK por instance, the standart version is for women only, but the SLK 32 AMG is a different story. The same is for BMW Z3 and M Roadster, which I happen to have.

This is a very delicate matter to discuss, since the issue of "equal rights between men and women" is not far behind. But yes, I think that some jobs should, must and can only be done be men, and other - by women.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is a nice car. But you must be going for the brand here. That "classic english-ariscratic" aspect of it. Some time ago, Aston Martin sure was a nice car from all angles, but now it is rather underdeveloped. Do you know that, they wanted to put air conditioning handles from Ford Fiesta inside of it? The influence is clear. Anything touched by Ford degrades. Take Jaguar as another example. Aston Martin has a very strong name and image which unfortunately, for the last many years, have declined and lost its shine. I would only have it for its past merits, kind of nostalgia. The raw power under the hood is badly applied, the car is to heavy, all the mechanics are way behind current standarts.

Many cars, which were a boom a decade ago are now dying out. Either they seize to produce new competetive models, either they are bought by other huge comnies, which influence them so much that, they will hardly ever be something they had been before. Aston Martin, Lotus, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Bugatti and many other cars. The names are known, so are the merits, they leave a great legacy behind, but at the moment have no noble future.