(I'm posting this all over the hobbies and crafts boards...I am hoping for lots of input so please don't hate me when you see it posted everywhere!)

As you may know, BellaOnline has Ebooks now:


So my current project is to write a book of tips for creating and working in your own home art studio. I want to have it in a very simple format and chock full of ideas. And it will be very inexpensive, probably about 3 dollars.

I would love if y'all would be willing to share some of your best ones. I will give you proper credit in the ebook of course (along with email/website listing) and of course you will get a free copy of the final book.

Some examples of the kinds of cool tips I am looking for:

1) When my mom was living in tiny military housing, she had no place for her own desk. She realized if she took off the regular closet doors in the hall closet and put on accordian doors she could fit a desk in there that could be closed off easily. When she was using the "room" she just pulled a chair in to the hallway so she could sit at her desk. She was able to close it up easily and keep my then 2 year old brother out of her stuff.

2) I am currently using part of my garage as an art studio. The first thing I did was paint the dingy walls bright white so my work station is very light and clean and my colors don't reflect oddly. The second thing I did was nail an old herb rack to the wall over my table to hold paints and pigments...its the perfect size for all those tiny bottles!