Boy, I hope the writers don't play with us for years, Lynne!

I have a certain amount of faith that the writers aren't "making it up as they go along". At least, I sure hope they aren't! I believe there was an article (TV Guide, maybe?) that mentioned the characters names all meant something. Ethan Rom is an anagram for "other man". My husband theorized weeks ago that Kate was an anagram for "take" and she was probably a thief of some sort. By golly, he was right!

I've been wondering if John Locke is an allusion to the poet (I think that was his name) but I've not looked into it or anything.

I hope the writers start throwing us some bones soon...and that they're not ridiculous. I remember a fantastic show (at least, it started out that way) called Nowhere Man--starring Bruce Greenwood. They got a little ridiculous towards the end, and it was cancelled without all the mysteries being explained. <img src="/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" /> That's one reason I usually don't get sucked into a series...I've been burned too many times! (I tend to like offbeat stuff...)