Hey Lynne...not bad on the right of passage thing! When I saw Lock mixing up that stuff, I had a feeling it was some kind of hallucogen. I figured he was going to take Boone on some kind of "vision quest" to get to the root of Boone's demons (i.e., his tie to Shannon. How about Shannon seducing Boone, and then acting like nothing happened the next day?! eek )

I love Locke. So does my husband. He is definitely a "Messianic" figure. I have to wonder: is the "thing" on the island killing indiscriminately? Or does it discriminate according to something? Obviously, Locke looked into its "eyes" (the heart of the island, he called it), and yet he lived.

My husband thinks the hatch is connected to a parallel world (think Sliders).

Remember that cable that was out in the ocean? That Sayid followed to the French lady? I mean, is that an underground/underwater cable? Why didn't Sayid attempt to examine it further...or tell the others about it?

Boy, that would be really whacked if they took Clare to get to her baby...for some kind of alien experimentation or something (if Ethan Rom and whomever are aliens, that is.)

Looks like the Asian couple is madly in love. Maybe out of the reach of the father in law (and the pressure?) they've rekindled their romance? I think her father was a mobster of sorts...