Hi Lisa...thanks for the encouragement. My friend is upgrading to a new computer and is giving me her tower, which is much newer than mine. My little 1 gig hard drive doesn't let me save alot of things. A digital camera will be my next investment, for sure. Sometimes it takes me forever to use up a film and, like you say, then theres the hassle of storing the pics.

I've been seeing chickadee babies and a mom around the feeders alot. She's still feeding them some, but definitely trying to teach them to do it themselves. I'm assuming they're the same ones from the house. They go on the suet feeder themselves, but mom still cracks open the sunflower seed and feeds it to them. They're so cute to watch, all fluffed up and fluttery. Much cuter than the loud and obnoxious grackle and starling babies...boy, no missing them when they come around. <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Dianne Dashanta