I'm sure even goldfinches would take a nest that was protected and comfy for them, even if it was on a house. I guess you'll see who moves in!

Digital Cameras are REALLY REALLY easy. They're not complicated at all. I'm in fact buying a new one that uses a memory stick so I can take more pictures at once, but if you get a cheap one that takes a floppy it's SO easy. Just point at the thing you want to take a picture of. It will auto focus. Press the button. It saves the picture on your floppy disk! Now you stick the floppy disk in your computer and you an email it to people. No work at all. It's far easier than dealing with film where you have to bring the film to be processed (once you fill the whole roll up!) then go get it again and then do things with the prints.

Lisa, Birding Enthusiast