Without a doubt, Maya Angelou. I'm not in her league yet, but Look out Maya, I'm coming! LOL!

I just love her work so much. I can actually feel what she writes, even if it is a recipe, as I recently purchased her cookbook. For each recipe, she includes a story about that meal and they are just fabulous and the food is pretty good too. Horrible week for me to start a diet. LOL!

Yes, she is incredible! Then there's Rumi, Carolyn Myss, Sylvia Plath........

There are some authors who have written many books, but only one or two are "the greatest ever." They seem to continue to get published on the merits of those one or two, even if the rest are ca-ca.

That's a status I wouldn't mind achieving <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />