I just went to Memphis for the weekend to tape the stories of my great-aunt and great-uncle, who dated right before WW2 and he then was a trainer of bomber pilots. They have all sorts of stories, and it's not that some are "mean" but there are definitely ones that show the people in funny lights. I will gladly include those in with the rest - because they show that these were real people, with all sorts of different sides to their personalities.

While I love the stories about how she went out to a county in Tennessee to help train housewives how to do family sorts of things, like canning and so on, I also love the other stories. Like when they first met, and she was a passenger in the back of his car, and he drove like a madman over the curbs and down hills to impress his then-girlfriend in the front seat. She was feeling very mature and confident and proper with her new role to be guiding the housewives of america, and here this brash young fighter-pilot-wannabe was driving like a maniac <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

P. Pureheart