It is important for you to think about a few other things........I would highly recommend you NOT co-mingle your finances. You would have a hard time proving what monies are yours if the situation ever arised where you had to prove you deposited x amount of dollars into that account.

If you buy anything like a house or car make sure your name appears on the papers regardless if you are in a community property state.

I would be curious to know who is the bread winner? He is going to Law School, so I am assuming you are the one who is working and 'supporting' him?

You say he comes from an alcoholic mother and a few bad step-dads.....this would be sending major red lights to me! Children of alcoholic parents have a great deal of baggage and have lived a dysfunctional family life, which would be continued unless he has undergone some therapy. The issues are major!

My son who is your age just spent 8 years with a young lady that I liked very much. She was great but the minute they moved in together I knew he would never marry her, and he didn't.

I hate to sound so negative about your relationship but when you are in love you tend not to see the realities of the situation. When you do see the realities, it is generally too late and everyone gets hurt.

That is my two cents worth on the subject.