Thank you so much for your reply's!
XLadyRogue-you are extremley eloguent in the way you write down your thoughts! What you said was very moving. Yes, my "mate" (I like that), continually tells me we are together FOREVER! He is definetely commited to me for life. We constantly talk about the future, and most of our "junk" is combined (bank accounts, etc). He is the most wonderful, trust-worthy mate a gal could have.
So, I guess I need to come to terms with this all and have a better outlook. Because I know in my heart I will not find a better, more loving or caring person for me out there, and it would be ridiculous to leave him just for the "paper". I love what you wrote:
"Personally I made an eternal vow to my spouse. No one gave us a piece of paper to solidify this for us. But it is no less real and no less binding."
That is beautiful. Sometimes it gets hard though, because others don't understand this kind of thinking, and I get a lot of slack for it, and then end up second guessing myself! I know friends and family (well most of the them) have only my best interests at heart, but still....
Well, thank you so much for your thoughts; they were extremely uplifting. I was kind of expecting to get some negative thoughts (human nature I guess).