Hey you guys we should be having a chat but I'll probably lose both of you by the time I figure out how to set it up. If you've been eating white rice it's the same as potatoes so switch to brown and don't be afraid of potatoes every now and then. A small one every now and then isn't going to ruin your diet. Protein is for building muscle which is what you need to get hard and burn fat. One of the reasons why many women have a soft appearance is they rely too much on carbs on not enough on protein. I have a client right now who lost over 100 pounds on her own but she is totally soft because all she eats is veggies and rice. We're working on lifting heavier and eating plenty of protein now and she's seeing major improvements. Guys who are trying to get all huge eat a ton of carbs. People who want to get lean cut back on carbs (about 1g per pound of body weight of mostly fibrous carbs) and eat a lot of protein so their muscles grow and harden up. Your abs will tighten up as you lose weight but do plenty of ab work and do it super slow. Try 15-20 reps of 5 different exercises knee raises, leg raises, v-sits, reverse crunches, double crunches are the best exercises for abs. Check out the articles on the exercise site for ideas. I thought my abs would never harden up after my c-section but after a year of really hard work they finally did and right now I'm working on a 4 pack (don't think I'll ever have a six pack) so believe me when I tell you that a healthy diet high in protein and working out the right way can make it happen. Check out the eat to lose healthy eating guide for more diet ideas.