A little about me:
My name is joanne, Im new to the boards here.I will be here a lot hoping you guys can help me in achieving my goals. First of all, Im a mother of 2. With my my 1st pregnancy, i gained 50 lbs, bringing me up to 185 lbs.I got pregnant 3 months after having my first, (not giving myself anytime to lose my weight)i gained another 50 lbs. Its been 9 months now since my daughter was born and im stuck at 165 lbs. I think i did a very good job though at losing already 70lbs. But i guess not good enough. I feel horrible about myself when i look in the mirror.I really want to lose 30 lbs. I started dieting in the beginning of feb to the end of may.That would be four months. I cut out the fats and sugars in my diet and i even signed up to the gym and was going every day for 2 hours, running 15 minutes bike 30 minutes and other ab and thigh machines. Well i have not lost a single pound in those 4 months and i gave up. well, im finally getting the strength and courage to start this all over again. But i really need all the help i can get. What was i doing wrong that i couldnt lose weight? or what should i be doing? My goal is to lose 30 to 35 lbs by next summer since i failed to do so this summer.I really hope you guys can help me out.