One year after I bought my first house, it was about 2 weeks before my mother's birthday and I had poured everything into the new house (fixing it and buying furniture because I had very little moving in with in comparison to the house.)

I went online and bid on a DVD player for my mother because she was stuck in the stone ages with her VCR and her Blockbuster "rent only VHS tapes" capabilities.

The site was really new and very few people had heard about it so I lucked out. The auction closed and the final price was $11 plus shipping. I think the total came to about $35 (About 3 years ago, DVD players weren't anywhere near that price. I know when I bought mine in 1999 they sure weren't!)

The DVD player was brand new and still works years later. It's in her living room and I actually told her the other day how much it cost because since then her VCR was replaced and I laughed that the auction DVD player was still going.