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Here's some updates made to the ethnic beauty site in the past week:
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Ethnic Beauty Site is Changing

Editor's note about redesigning the site to reflect the more exotic and unique side of ethnic beauty origins.

Meet me here so we can discuss more if you like.

Feel free to post your questions or comments here so we can all learn from each other about authentic genuine beauty as only being ethnci can provide.

Ethnic goes from the hair to the skin to body structure and shape, to the eyes, to the bone structure, to the skin color. All of these things are what makes ethnic women exotic, beautiful and mystical.

I hope you will join me on this journey of finding beauty that is only possesed by the individual ethnic women. This site exists to serve you, to help you and to be there for you.
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Just keep in mind I am revising my site information and even my bio. So, please be patient as I continue to find ways to bring you new and fresh information.

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Know what you believe and have faith in what you believe

Grace D. Dooley