What's standing in your way?

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What's standing in your way? - 01/12/12 08:12 AM

To get what we want we often have to give something up or at least learn to prioritize in a manner that puts our passions first. So, what are you giving up to get what you want?
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Re: What's standing in your way? - 03/07/12 12:35 PM

I stand in my way. lol. I am dedicated to learning how to stop that, though.
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Re: What's standing in your way? - 03/07/12 08:35 PM

Me too. My answer exactly.
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Re: What's standing in your way? - 03/12/12 04:49 AM

I am giving my best to get anything.
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Re: What's standing in your way? - 03/26/12 08:03 AM

My fear and lack of strength stand in my way.
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Re: What's standing in your way? - 03/26/12 09:05 AM

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Re: What's standing in your way? - 03/28/12 05:22 AM


Try this on for size, Tackling Fear and Living Your Biggest Dream .

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Re: What's standing in your way? - 03/29/12 08:06 AM

Thanks Yvonne. Some of that I am not quite ready for yet. I have sunk a bit low and need to get some inner strength back first before I start tackling dreams and such. I am just working on the inner me for now to feel good about who I am and to get some peace and joy back into my life. Baby steps until I learn to walk again, and then I will really take off!
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Re: What's standing in your way? - 03/29/12 01:35 PM

Hey Cassie!

Glad to "see" you again!

I seem to recall a similar line of communication between you and I in an earlier forum. I hope everyday is finding you in a better place than you were the day before.

How are the animals treating you? What's the status of the horses?

I'm really excited you are visiting the Inspiration Forum again. Can't wait to chat again.

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Re: What's standing in your way? - 03/29/12 04:17 PM

My two yellow labs are fine. They get me out and about walking every day.

My horses are in a good place and I have come to an agreement with the farm owner. Financially I have had a hard time to afford my two horses without a job. Work is not coming fast enough to save the day, so I have put the younger horse up for sale. I hate to do it, as I have had her for 7 years since she was 2 yrs old, but I can't make it all work right now.

The older horse is 22 and I will keep her until she dies. She is great to ride, very safe, and a salt of the earth type of girl. She has taught me so much and I have had her since she was 16 yrs old.

Because of my divorce two years ago I had to move an hour and 10 minutes away from my horses (I hardly see them these days), and there is no cheaper place to keep them around here. I only pay for their food and they are both used in a children's lesson program. I do not pay a board fee. It would be hard to find this situation elsewhere, and I am in New England where the closer you get to the shore, the more expensive it is to board horses.

You guessed it, I am closer to the water now where I spent about a year and a half with my boyfriend who is now deceased. At some point I will be heading to the west coast, either this fall or next fall to be with my family. I will have to ship my riding horse and that will be very expensive.

Again...one day at a time. One never knows what is just around the corner. Thanks for asking.
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Re: What's standing in your way? - 03/29/12 06:28 PM

to Yvonnie DuBose,

As soon as someone is thinking of giving something away to have something else is creating attachment,creating suffering.
I beleive ,that the secret is to let the Universe bring me at the right moment ,with the right people,at the right place and what i need to be happy.
.Many times ,in my life ,I ,thought that I knew what would make me happy.All I had was suffering.

The secret is not wanting anything but Happiness.

With deep respect
a simple buddhist named
Posted by: Nancy Roussy

Re: What's standing in your way? - 02/06/13 01:04 PM

I am! I have been trying to change that but everytime it fails, I always let everything and everyone bad that happened to me to take me down and stop my new beginnings (that is if i even started a new beginning...i mostly just abandon the idea before even trying LIKE I JUST DID IN JANUARY...that was probably more than 100 times that i tried starting over).
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Re: What's standing in your way? - 02/06/13 01:24 PM


Every time that happens forgive yourself. Be gentle with you. Be gentle and compassionate with you like you would be with a new lover. Forgive yourself and start again. If you keep hitting a wall, it is okay to stop everything and ask yourself, "Is this the right thing for me?" Remind yourself of the goal and ask, "Am I going about this the right way? Is there a better solution, a better way?"

Within 24 hours you should have received an answer. Then, try again.

Goodluck and let us know how it goes.
Posted by: Nancy Roussy

Re: What's standing in your way? - 02/07/13 05:43 AM

Hi Yvonnie! I know it is sound advice but I just can't do that anymore. I am 36 years old and just too tired of being made fun of, taken advantage of and to have my hopes, dreams and wishes crushed. Everything since late 2009 has been too hard. I'll keep on trying (for now anyway...my next try will not be now...too tired and sick and depressed) to make things happen for me and to get out of this but I can't do what you wrote, the little self-confidence I had when I was young is long gone. Everytime I fell down I had to climb back up and every of those times the climb back is higher and higher, it's very hard.
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Re: What's standing in your way? - 02/07/13 07:39 AM

Dear Yvonnie

What is standing in my way.


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Re: What's standing in your way? - 02/08/13 09:47 AM

Hi Nancy-

I feel your frustration through the computer.

Every human being has been placed on this earth to contribute to it's (the earth's) well-being. There is not a single soul that is more important than another. That includes you.

While we contribute, we also learn. We learn to become stronger, more loving, and more compassionate. Hopefully we leave this earth with those skills.

The hardest lesson for you seems to be drowning out the opinions of others. From where I sit, I will send you loving and healing energy. Everyday, for one week, I will work on sending you strength. The energy I am sending you works beyond a shadow of doubt, but you have to want it.

You are important. You are loved. You are valued.

I ask you to pray for those that have wronged you. This prayer is simple. You are asking the Universe to give them the ability to be happy because cruelty comes from darkness and unhappiness. I know that it can be very difficult to pray for those that have made us angry, but praying for them helps lighten our load. They are mean and cruel because someone has been mean and cruel to them and they do not know any other method of survival other than to pass it on. So, let's stop the cycle with you. If you pray for them instead of retaliating or absorbing their energy, you are contributing to a process of healing for you and them.

Let's start tonight. I am sending you energy tonight. I ask that you please pray for them tonight.
Posted by: Nancy Roussy

Re: What's standing in your way? - 02/09/13 08:03 AM

Hi Yvonnie. First thank you for your kind words and for the energy you are sending my way (i need it more now that im sick)! I have been wondering for a while now why I even exist. I don't really see why I am here at all. I don't contribute anything to society besides the petitions I sign online. As far as talent goes I don't appear to have none. Noone has ever loved me and noone is loving me so I don't expect noone to ever do love me. I am ill right now but after I'm over that I will try starting over again, I can't say I have much hope since what I do never works, sometimes it appears that it is working but it always ends. As far as prayers go I don't do that. I have my beliefs but they don't include praying and even if I did pray I would never pray for the people who have hurt me, they can all go to hell and I'd be happy to send them there myself. I do have compassion even with that many people hurting me and even with me not believing in the human species but that compassion only goes to the people who have never done anything wrong and have a conscience and a heart, when you bully someone you do not have a heart and a conscience so you do not deserve anything good.
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Re: What's standing in your way? - 02/09/13 11:00 AM

To Nancy Roussy,

It is very easy to have compassion for someone ,you like or love.
Compassion is limitless ,because it does not involve ,the obligation of loving the other that is hurting you.

Instead of hate ,when your Mind thinks of these people,that is what Compassion was created for.Send yourself first Compassion and then Compassion fot the others.

Try it It works.

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Re: What's standing in your way? - 02/09/13 11:11 PM

Hi Nancy-

I'm so happy to hear from you.

You are loved and you do have a talent and you do contribute.

If no one else loves you, I love you Nancy. I know that seems far fetched, but I absolutely connect to you. Love for me has always been energetic. I am saying, I don't just love those that I know well. I love people, animals, plants, and things by connecting to their energy. The experience is amazing and offers me a jolt of emotion I cannot define for others. I think you might experience it when you see a baby or a puppy or other kitten.

I've sent you energy and a hug. When I hugged you, I really connected to you. I love you.

In terms of your talent, you are an artist. You simply judge yourself harshly and you do not indulge much. There is a softness inside you that holds so much emotion; emotion that could create a story that many people could relate to. That story could manifest in one simple painting from you and we would all get it immediately.

There is poetry in you too. You have put your love in a tightly lidded box inside of you and your talent hides there too.

Use some of that love and talent on you.

Your contribution in petitions is fine. That said, Mother Nature appreciates our walks in nature just as much as our legal and political solutions to saving the planet. Just like every other species we aid in pollination, germination, and cultivation.

Get outside and breathe fresh air (as fresh as it gets). Take a daily walk and be present with nature; meaning, there is nothing else of value at that moment, just you and nature. This is a wonderful contribution to the earth that will inspire other contributions over time.

We are all interconnected Nancy. We are connected to each other, and animals, and plants, and to the soul of the earth. So, even this conversation we are having is helping someone somewhere Nancy. We are contributing together.

Thanks for receiving my energy. I am continuing to send more.