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Bartering! - 01/08/12 07:06 AM

I have ALWAYS had an interest in "bartering" from a child. I remember wanting more "cash" and was willing to sell my doll making services to any kid in the neighborhood that had some pocket money to pass my way(lol). Needless to say, my parents wore out my you know what and I could not sit down for days. Yes, back in those days (now age 53) - in Jamaica, West Indies - neighbors minded their own business and did not meddle unless needed. So here I was "howling" like someone was killing me smile - but I learn't my lesson - okay stuff with dad & mom first!

Okay, on to the real reason for this post.

As of yesterday I had to re-do my arrangement with my present freelance boss. Why? Not working and have not had any income of any kind since 12/10/11 - needless to say, bills keep coming wink

He was not happy as he was getting the better part of our arrangement - I am at his office 7 days a week, never taken a day off since I started July of last year (2011). Our original arrangement was for us to "split" commissions with any sales I helped him with.

New arrangement - Bartering!

We cannot afford home internet right now - God blessed me with another second-hand laptop (Sylvester's family tore up the one he had gotten for me last year frown ) - so I need internet access.

Before getting my laptop, I was totally dependent on either the public library down the street from the office or using his extra office computer. But this "favor" tied me down to the stress of dealing with a very "selfish & egotistical" man that cannot keep help. Anyway, I stuck it out for 6 very LONG months and now thoroughly EXCITED about the "possibilities"...

Bottom line, told him I would be willing to continue to give him office support in exchange for internet access. Which by the way is more "down" than up(lol). But until I can do better, won't complain - just keep the door to the connections open for my on the hour, every hour trips to "reboot" the internet. Yikes!!!! Had to explain this to Sylvester so that he understood why I am out the bed at 5am EVERY day to make my DAILY trek (walking to save gas) to the office. The is MY time to hopefully get some work done before HE arrives at the office. You know that term "micromanage" - well that is his title(ha, ha). I use to stay until about 10pm every night and have Sylvester pick me up on his way home from his job - need to still be doing this as I cannot get any work done while HE is here, complaining and directing - but due to budget, we need to save what gas we have for critical stuff.

Anyone else done any "bartering" or interested in this?

Would love to hear from you!!!!

I plan on discussing this more in depth on this forum and on my "How To Survive Unemployment" site as I firmly believe this is a way of life that can help us ALL to get what we need and to help others get what they need.

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Re: Bartering! - 01/08/12 12:55 PM

I love the idea of bartering and am looking for ways to incorporate that more into my life.

It's nice that yuo walk each day. smile
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Re: Bartering! - 01/09/12 06:04 AM

Yep, helps to keep my 53 year old hips in place(lol).

If you feel up to it, can you stop back by and let us know how bartering is working out for you or not.

Or any research you found out.

With today's unemployment figures still with us, folks need to have HOPE that they still can function and have some FUN!

I have read and talked to folks who have bartered vacations! Yes, it is all about what YOU want and what the OTHER person has to offer.

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Re: Bartering! - 01/11/12 03:47 PM

Well, right now I am looking to barter my tandem kayak for a canoe. I have a few offers I need to follow up on.

I have also bartered an old pool table for some plumbing work.

I try to look at the stuff I have and see what it might be worth in terms of other things. LIke I have an un-used water softerner machine. I'd love to trade that puppy for something, anything really.
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Re: Bartering! - 01/12/12 04:44 AM

Hi Jilly:

Awesome and thanks for stopping by and hope you will continue to share with us. I plan on making some time myself to research this further, but meanwhile, may I ask you some questions?

Here goes, if the answer is yes. If not, just ignore my questions, I will totally understand wink

How do you get your bartering connections?

Reason for asking:
I know they have sites and organizations set up for bartering.

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Re: Bartering! - 01/12/12 03:22 PM

I use craigslist. I know there are other options out there.
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Re: Bartering! - 07/04/12 06:17 AM

Hi Jill:

I never thought of Craigslist - need to look into that.

If you get a chance, no pressure - please stop by my bartering group "Angela's Electronic Bartering Group"...