Improving your iPhone photography

Posted by: Janina - Photography

Improving your iPhone photography - 02/14/12 01:08 PM

An iPhone can be a great substitution for a regular camera when you are kicking yourself for not having your camera with you. With all of the photo editing and sharing apps out there, you can snap your picture, make a few edits, and upload it to your favorite sharing site in just a few minutes!

Improve Your iPhone Photography
Posted by: Lisa LowCarb / VideoGames

Re: Improving your iPhone photography - 03/03/12 06:46 AM

I definitely use my phone camera more than I thought I would, because it's always there. I don't always carry my "real" camera with me.
Posted by: Dannica

Re: Improving your iPhone photography - 03/03/12 08:12 AM

Thanks for the pointers. The one about cleaning the screen SEEMS like it should be obvious, but I never do it. While photos I take of other things with the iPhone seem okay, a few times I've tried to hold the camera at arms length and take a photo either of myself or me with a friend and those photos are so uncomplimentary that I always delete them. I swear something about that combination adds 15 years to my appearance.
Posted by: Kerry-Editor/Photography

Re: Improving your iPhone photography - 09/04/12 11:27 AM

Interestingly, I use my iphone as a light meter for my vintage cameras. There are some great light meter apps in the itunes store and they are quite inexpensive and extremely accurate.