Yes! The "Last Great Race" is due to launch again in only two more weeks!! Anyone coming up to Alaska to watch or participate in it? Anyone already here in AK looking forward to it? I know I am!

it's been a long, dark but over-all pretty mild winter here in AK this year. Mushers have missed out on several local races due to lack of snow, but the teams have been practicing anyway - some of them just have to drive further out to get to good snow conditions (or use their 4-wheelers behind their teams on local trails). Those teams are ready, gear is repaired or replaced, sleds and bags are packed, straw and dog chow pre-ordered and ready to be shipped out by air to points all along the long trail and LOTS of extra booties are packed (yes, Alaskan sled dogs DO wear booties!).

The Iditarod is the biggest sled dog event of the year and we here in Alaska are huge fans! Who will win it this year? A rookie? A multiple-time champion? Someone totally unexpected? No telling - follow the race and root for your favorite musher!


Deb Frost