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#717530 - 10/02/11 04:17 PM Anxiety Disorders
Karen - Mental Health Offline

Registered: 12/29/10
Posts: 38
Generalized anxiety disorder is one of the five anxiety disorders and can be disabling at its worst. Extreme worry and fear can often prevent people from doing everyday tasks and often worsens during stressful situations.

Edited by Dr. Hershey-MH (02/05/13 10:07 AM)

#752214 - 03/19/12 09:47 PM Re: Anxiety Disorders [Re: Karen - Mental Health]
loong Offline

Registered: 03/08/12
Posts: 417
Loc: Mt Tremblant,quebec ,can
To Karen,
I cannot beleive that no one commented on this subject.
I beleive most people have anxiety disorders.My Mother was manic
depressive ,paranoia,and agoraphobic.I inherited the 3 deseases.
I got rid by myself ,of paranoia.agoraphoby at about 99%.
As for the manic depression part ,I always lived with anxiety in me until the age of 60 when I decided that I had suffered enough.
So with my doctor,my pharmacist,we came up with a concoction that the anxiety that I had since my childhood disapeared.
I had depresions at 22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30.
I stopped my depressions by reprogramming my subcounscious, being very disciplined,and adding sports to my life.By the way,
the pills that I take are nonhabit forming,and I am not stoned,
like I see too many people being fed any pills.

Thank you for putting on this subject

#754635 - 03/31/12 06:50 PM Re: Anxiety Disorders [Re: Karen - Mental Health]
Debbie-SpiritualityEditor Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Registered: 01/08/10
Posts: 4781
Anxiety does stand in my way sometimes when life overwhelms me. I experienced anxiety early in life when my father was physically abusive towards my mother because he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. There was a lot of fear and chaos in my home when I was in my teens. I was so tormented by fear that I could not sleep, so I slept in class at my high school.

There have been times in my adulthood when anxiety would take me over when situations became stressful, including social anxiety. I have battled depression off and on for most of my life. I still constantly have to fight and focus on trying to keep myself in a healthy place. It truly is a battle to feel sane and happy. Happy does not come easy for me. When I do find peace and happiness, it does not last long.
Debbie Grejdus
Spirituality Site Editor
Spirituality Forum Moderator

#754660 - 04/01/12 04:15 AM Re: Anxiety Disorders [Re: Karen - Mental Health]
Burt B. Offline

Registered: 09/08/11
Posts: 1855
Same here. It seems that money is the trigger.
two cat you na versity

#757456 - 04/16/12 11:25 PM Re: Anxiety Disorders [Re: Karen - Mental Health]
Jilly Offline
BellaOnline Editor
Highest Posting Power Known to Humanity

Registered: 02/26/03
Posts: 14392
Loc: Verde Valley, AZ
My anxiety is linked to my aspergers, mostly in the form of social anxiety, but also connected to not having adequate plans or mental prep for something, plans changing, and things not being well ordered.

That last part sounds pretty OCD, but its a fact that order makes me feel soothed and safe.

#800057 - 01/11/13 12:06 AM Re: Anxiety Disorders [Re: Karen - Mental Health]
Jilly Offline
BellaOnline Editor
Highest Posting Power Known to Humanity

Registered: 02/26/03
Posts: 14392
Loc: Verde Valley, AZ
Managing my anxiety really takes a huge portion of daily time and energy. frown

#806162 - 02/14/13 09:04 AM Re: Anxiety Disorders [Re: Karen - Mental Health]
Nancy Roussy Offline
Highest Posting Power Known to Humanity

Registered: 01/17/13
Posts: 14522
Loc: Grand-Métis, Quebec, Canada
I have a question for all of you suffering from anxiety. Is one of your symptoms thinking that you are choking? Not only when eating, drinking or just swallowing but also when not doing that? I suffer from a depression that appeared when I was around ten years old (its a miracle that it did not appeared earlier...i tried 2 pills on different occasions [1 after the other] and none worked...i was able to manage it by myself until i moved here in november of 2009...now i have a tooth infection and something else with my eyes [hypermetropia..cant get anyone to make me a pair of glasses] so its 1 thing on top of the other as far as health is concerned) and several years ago I thought I was choking when eating but it was not as severe as it is now and it was only when I was eating (later i learned it was due to my depression...i then tried these 2 antidressants that did not worked then managed it by myself successfully) now it's all the time (its on the sides..in my mouth and in my throat/neck). Plus it comes with pain (its mostly on the sides of the throat/neck...its like cramps). First I thought it had to do with the tooth (i only learned it was an infection last week but i cant eat on the left since novembre 13) then the infection but now I'm not so sure. I did see a doctor in the hospital last Monday and she said several times that it is all in my head but then she told me that the pill I'm taking could be given by an injection three times a day (today i learned it was a lie) then she tells me that she felt something and gives me a paper for a blood test. I tell myself it's all in my head but when you have a depression plus have stress issues plus real pain (the tooth) plus are not used to being sick it's not easy to ignore especially since it's almost every seconds I am awake! So anyone here suffers this way? Anyone has an idea what it could be? Is it normal to feel this way when we have an infected tooth that took almost three months to be detected and treated? Here only the pharmacists know what they are doing medicine wise so there too it's not doing great! I have twelve pills to take (Apo-Pen VK...have to chew them since i cant swallow pills) and the pain in my tooth is still there and nothing about the throat and neck is getting better either.

#806230 - 02/15/13 02:24 AM Re: Anxiety Disorders [Re: Karen - Mental Health]
Dr. Hershey-MH Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Registered: 12/26/12
Posts: 388
I am so sorry to hear you had to go through all that!! How awful.
I have never had anyone suffering from anxiety have the symptom you describe - choking. Given all the issues you have had with your oral health and vision, I strongly recommend you find a new doctor and get a thorough assessment.

The depression can be exasperated by the medical issues and not getting help and relief from the discomfort and pain! That would make anyone depressed and frustrated, to say the least.

Please keep us updated. Maybe other members of the forum have other advice or similar experiences they can share.
Dr. Ilyssa Hershey
Mental Health Editor
Mental Health Site
Mental Health Facebook Page

#806303 - 02/15/13 09:40 AM Re: Anxiety Disorders [Re: Karen - Mental Health]
Nancy Roussy Offline
Highest Posting Power Known to Humanity

Registered: 01/17/13
Posts: 14522
Loc: Grand-Métis, Quebec, Canada
Thank you very much for answering me! So it is not all in my head? Finding a new doctor and one who knows what he or she is doing will be really hard since I live in a small town and the cities nearest who have doctors are all like that. I do not have a job so going elsewhere will be a problem but I will do that if soon this is not over, don't have a choice since I can't stay this way! I will finish the medication Sunday and Monday if it is still like that (it is now and i have 8 pills left) I will go see a pharmacist (they at least know what they are doing) and then go upstairs take an appointment (that will be hard but i will NOT take no for an answer so they better give me 1 with her or another doc) with my doctor (i only saw her once...the last 2 years i have my prescription faxed to the drugstore...had no health issues so it was ok) and see if she can figure out what is going on. If that does not work then I will try the hospital in Rimouski (its more than 1 hour away) and if that does not work then I better have enough money to go back to where I used to live! One thing is for sure I will not go back to the dentist who did that to me and the other one who did a full examination and who was not able to see the infection (if there is 1...it was after all said by a dentist who did a bad filling in a good tooth and seen by a lying doctor who basically said that i am crazy), there is another dentist here who has waiting list of a few months and I will try that place for my cleanings, I hope they are real dentists because dental work of any kind will be very expensive since no other dentists are available after these three places. Again thank you!

#806403 - 02/16/13 01:12 PM Re: Anxiety Disorders [Re: Karen - Mental Health]
Jilly Offline
BellaOnline Editor
Highest Posting Power Known to Humanity

Registered: 02/26/03
Posts: 14392
Loc: Verde Valley, AZ
Bad anxiety night and having a meltdown. I feel like I can't do anything well and that I am a hopeless energy suck, a waste of time for everyone, a source of frustration for myself and others.

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