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Jan 28 Connie asked:

Lestie, What hints do you have for growing potatoes in containers.

Feb 6 Angie answered: Some people do not plant potatoes in soil - they use straw or peat and grow them upward. I guess you could grow some in a container and layer them.

Feb 6 Connie answered:

Thanks Angie. I have grown them in straw in a raised bed. Soil in my part of Kansas is heavy clay. It is a pain in the pinfeathers to dig potatoes. With the straw, I just stuck my hand in, found a potato of the correct size and picked it. By comparing the yield of the straw-grown potatoes with the soil-grown ones, it was clear that growing them in straw worked better in my garden. Alas, my neighbors planted oak trees and shaded my garden. No more raised beds--sigh.

Feb 6 Angie answered:

I'd like to try raised beds but I need to enclose my garden to keep deer at bay. I'm going to try adding a small area near the deck. Fortunately I do get a lot of sun in the yard. I'm an awful gardener though.

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