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#802044 - 01/22/13 06:52 AM Re: Welcome - A Place to Talk and Share [Re: loongdragon]
Debbie-SpiritualityEditor Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Registered: 01/08/10
Posts: 4752
Loong.....I really like your answer to Brandi, especially your reference to the flower blossoming within her as she finds her own truth and happiness in her life. Thank you for joining us.

Peace _/\_
Debbie Grejdus
Spirituality Site Editor
Spirituality Forum Moderator

#802077 - 01/22/13 10:54 AM Re: Welcome - A Place to Talk and Share [Re: Brandi - Hair Editor]
Burt B. Offline

Registered: 09/08/11
Posts: 1855
Originally Posted By: Brandi - Hair Editor
I have finally found a church that I love and God is changing me in ways that I never thought possible. I know now what it means to be born again. I feel like I am on fast track to spirituality. It's a wonderful feeling yet it is scary at the same time. I have faith and I trust in the Lord so I know all will be alright.

The thing is I have always seen people who are spiritual and voiceful as a tad on the weird side. I know now that I was just dim and didn't understand why they would be like that. But now I feel it happening to me and I am afraid of people seeing me as the weird person.

I feel like I have crossed to the otherside. I have a burning desire to know God deeper and to praise his name. If am on the other side does this mean I am leaving my friends behind? They don't talk about God. They actually are the way I was.... thinking "those" people (me now) are weird.

Hi Brandi,

Your conversion experience is genuine.

When I was 16 years old (before my conversion) it all seemed like a big joke and a money scam.

I’m 51 now, and I had a conversion experience when I was 19.

You will be changed from within and without.

You may lose some friends in the process but you have decided to have a Deeper Joy and a Deeper Peace.

Those closest to you will not understand.

This is natural and normal of the whole process.

My beloved Connie came out of a 25 year loveless marriage and when she had her conversion experience, her husband and even her children turned on her and started calling her “a religious freak”.

My brothers hated the fact that I wanted a closer walk with God.

Connie and I follow Jesus Christ through the Bible and The Holy Spirit, but your path may be different.

It does not matter.

Spirit is spirit, God is God.

Even though you are on your way to Great Joy, Peace and Beauty within and without, try not to convert anyone.

I offer just some friendly advice.

This is one of the most difficult things you may face:

Those closest to you and those who love the most you will have a great desire to share your newfound Joy.

And their like, “Umm... why don’t you just put that religious [censored] down and come party with us like you used to”.

Yeah, had been there done that...

Well, try to establish new friendships who understand.

It will be worth it in the long run.

I’m glad you’re here and you can express what’s going on.


Burt & Connie
two cat you na versity

#802079 - 01/22/13 11:03 AM Re: Welcome - A Place to Talk and Share [Re: Debbie-SpiritualityEditor]
Burt B. Offline

Registered: 09/08/11
Posts: 1855
That Really is beautiful loong...

The flowers begin to open.


two cat you na versity

#802314 - 01/23/13 02:07 PM Re: Welcome - A Place to Talk and Share [Re: Debbie-SpiritualityEditor]
Brandi - Hair Editor Offline

Registered: 08/09/12
Posts: 48
Thank you all. It is extreamly important to me to persue this, actually nothing could pull me away. I have a happiness inside of me that I had never expeienced before.

I was asking because my husband does not go to church (we both had not for a long time) and he made a statement about brain washing. This caught me off guard and got me thinking have I gone all religious. I guess I have, I just can't voice it.

I know not mention anything to him or push him because it would cause him to go further away from what I have found. I just ask if he wants to go with me and when he says no I just say, "Ok, maybe next week, love you, see you later."

We were the type of people who (liked) to drink, it was the American way, just about every weeked and that desire has been lifted from me. -Which is a miracle in itself.

Weird thing is it was all of a sudden as well as coffee and I was drinking three cups a day!

I just keep telling my husband and our friends that I am on a diet and I can't have any. Hopefully they will quit persuing the issue.

I feel like I have no one to talk to about my experience and I just want to tell someone. -just not my husband or friends-

I love the flower part. I feel like a kid again with no addictions and a new life to choose what I want to do with...
My choices will be much better this go around smile
I finally found my inner smile.

Edited by Brandi - Hair Editor (01/23/13 02:13 PM)
Hair Editor

#802378 - 01/24/13 03:40 AM Re: Welcome - A Place to Talk and Share [Re: Brandi - Hair Editor]
Debbie-SpiritualityEditor Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Registered: 01/08/10
Posts: 4752
Brandi.....I am very happy for you. It is evident that you are very excited about your new discoveries, and that is wonderful.

You are right not to push your husband into anything. Religion is a personal choice. Maybe when he sees the positive changes in you he will change his mind. If not, one does not need a church or a religion in order to connect with spirit. Some prefer going to a building because it is a secluded place away from the rest of the world, and maybe that is not something your husband wants to do. Maybe he feels that what he will hear will not be what he believes. He needs to do what he is comfortable with.

Many people just don't like change and prefer the status quo. The main thing is that you are focusing on what is working for you, and what makes you happy and peaceful.
Debbie Grejdus
Spirituality Site Editor
Spirituality Forum Moderator

#803070 - 01/28/13 02:27 AM Re: Welcome - A Place to Talk and Share [Re: Debbie-SpiritualityEditor]
Trace~ Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Registered: 01/14/12
Posts: 21
I find it odd that I would be drawn to this page. But then again, maybe not. You see, since I was very young "dead people" would come into my dreams or I would see them and some I knew, some I didn't. Since I was 5 in fact. My mother threatened to take me to church and have them lay hands on me and cast out the evil spirits, so I stopped talking. It was only after my baby brother started having issues with "seeing things" to the point he wanted to commit suicide that she wanted me to finally talk about it. I know things before they happen many times, and I can sense energies, and often times "see" spirits. I have a deep religious upbringing though, and have found it hard to deal with this considering we are taught that it's "evil" and not possible to live for God and dabble in the spiritual world too. I have prayed for it to "go away" and it does for a while, but always comes back. Recently, I have been more open. But sometimes I am wrong and so it makes me hesitate to talk about what I think I know. But I have been thinking about "practicing" more to get to a point where I'm more confident. If I could help people in some way, I am more than willing to do that.

#803072 - 01/28/13 02:43 AM Re: Welcome - A Place to Talk and Share [Re: Trace~]
Debbie-SpiritualityEditor Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Registered: 01/08/10
Posts: 4752

You and your brother certainly have special gifts. Your mother was afraid to allow you to express and use those gifts. People are afraid of what they do not know about or understand. Paranormal things frighten a lot of us.

It is only evil if you are dabbling in the world of evil, or the devil. Spirit itself is not a bad thing. God Himself is in spirit form. There is the Holy Spirit, and spirits of those we love who have passed on. We will all return to spirit form when our physical bodies perish. Many spirits stay close to the physical realm, and you may not even know them but they want to communicate with you.

Back to your religious upbringing, belief in God gives you eternal life, and that life is in the spirit realm. So spirit itself, in my opinion, is not a bad thing.

You can't squelch what is naturally within you. It will always come back. Clairvoyants like Elleise on this site may be able to help you control and use your gifts in a way that won't be overwhelming to you.

Thank you for sharing with us.
Debbie Grejdus
Spirituality Site Editor
Spirituality Forum Moderator

#803223 - 01/28/13 12:02 PM Re: Welcome - A Place to Talk and Share [Re: Debbie-SpiritualityEditor]
loongdragon Offline

Registered: 09/21/12
Posts: 2200
Loc: Mont Tremblant,quebec Can

What is wrong with having special powers.20 years ago .I could read minds,communicate through long distance,make things apear
with the process of cration,stop blood from large gashes.Heal people,or make them feel better just by almost touching them.

At one point I got fed up with the healing thing ang completly
let go off all those. I cannot today except read minds,do a;; the rest.

Since you beleive in god [Jesus].You are only comtinuing his actions.His way of Life.You are blessed with what is called supramondane powers.Use them to do good.Your Jesus might help you in difficult cases.

Give,give give and you shall be rewarded.


Edited by loongdragon (01/28/13 12:04 PM)

#803233 - 01/28/13 12:45 PM Re: Welcome - A Place to Talk and Share [Re: Trace~]
seahorse1 Offline

Registered: 11/18/10
Posts: 10
Loc: Australia
Hi Trace, Although most wont agree with me ,mixing spiritism,etc., with worship to God is something the Bible does disagree with. A major feature of spiritism is claimed communication with the dead. Since the dead “are conscious of nothing at all,” communication with such dead persons is actually impossible. (Ec 9:5) God’s law to Israel forbade anyone’s inquiring of the dead and made the practice of spiritism a capital offense. (Le 19:31; 20:6, 27; De 18:9-12; compare Isa 8:19.) And in the Christian Greek Scriptures the statement is made that those who practice spiritism “will not inherit God’s kingdom.” (Ga 5:20, 21; Re 21:8) It, therefore, logically follows that any claimed communication with dead persons, if not a deliberate lie on the part of the claimant, must be from an evil source, a source that stands in opposition to Jehovah God. I am concerned with the dangers that can be experienced by these things ,and dont wish to offend anyone .

#803243 - 01/28/13 03:35 PM Re: Welcome - A Place to Talk and Share [Re: seahorse1]
Debbie-SpiritualityEditor Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Registered: 01/08/10
Posts: 4752
seahorse1....welcome! I respect your opinion, as everyone has their own belief system.

We are all spiritual beings, and we can communicate with other spirits. I for one have communicated with my deceased boyfriend, whom I greatly loved and who loved me. He was very strong in his faith and trusted in God completely. He was full of love and he would never want any harm to come to me. His visits have been comforting and informative, as I know that he is doing just fine.

The communications from him are not from an evil source, although I am sure that can happen if someone wants to entertain such a thing. If what one wants is to communicate with evil spirits or the devil, then that of course would be an offense to God and His teachings.

I am not the only person I know who has communicated with deceased loved ones, and there is no harm that results from this communication. I don't think this contact with those who have already reached eternal life, as God has promised us, is a bad thing at all. It certainly does not change my faith in God.
Debbie Grejdus
Spirituality Site Editor
Spirituality Forum Moderator

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