Week 4 is when the trainers went to work with the kids. It may be that I've seen this show for so many years that I'm a big jaded, but I had to shake my head at the whining of the contestants about being "left alone". They've been there for weeks! Surely they know how to use the treadmills and bikes? The equipment isn't complicated. They simply have to hunker down and do it.

I was VERY pleased by Jackson stepping up and building his inner strength. I had questions about him earlier, but he finally seemed to get himself together and commit to simply doing whatever he could. Sure, his body might be weak. But he could still cheerlead. And he was awesome at it.

I was sad at the expectations being put on Sunny. She's just a kid. No kid's life should be planned out for them by the adults. She deserves to find her own hopes and dreams. Bob was commenting to me that her parents probably have her husband chosen for her as well.

What did you guys think of this episode?

Lisa Shea, Low Carb / Video Games Editor
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