I wasn't quite sure where to post this and I'm hoping that anyone reading this will bare with me. I grew up in a small town and moved to a larger one when I was a teenager. My first relationship was with someone who I trusted and loved for several years. After trying to leave the relationship it became violent, physically and mentally. It lasted nearly six months before I told my family or friends: I was 21. During this relationship I involved myself in photography and it became something that kept me going. Unfortunately I am still recovering and have flashbacks. I graduated from photography school at the top of my class and recently had the opportunity to have a gallery showing in a larger city, ( I am in Ontario). I racked my brain for months trying to figure out what I wanted to do and it hit me. Very few know of my experience and those that do do not speak of it. I want to share my experience through photography. Photograph individuals who have had these kind of experiences and are willing to share their story and their face with me and others. I'm not looking to exploit others and in the end I can understand, truly understand, how difficult an abuse relationship can be to get out of and ultimately how difficult it is to not go back. I'm still finding out how much of an impact it has had on me and how it has changed my life. If anyone is interested in sharing their story with me, (I will travel to see you), I would love a private email from you. To all those women out there who have been in an abusive relationship and have had the courage to get away safely and have found that light at the end of the dark tunnel, may your days be filled with love, kindness and happiness!