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#799922 - 01/10/13 01:02 PM Re: The Goddess [Re: Debbie-SpiritualityEditor]  
Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 1,855
Burt B. Offline
Burt B.  Offline

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 1,855
I don't fight, I don't struggle, I don't compete.

I AM simply here.

Civilizations have come and gone.

Yet The Eternal Mother woos her children.

We have self-created our heaven and our hells.

Balance will be restored.

I don't do...

I AM and all of my needs are met.

Each will return to the orbit and the vibration each has sent out.

Connie and I have always just wanted God.

In our naivety we thought everyone else just wanted God.

Not so.

Yet the suffering, the pain, the cold, the alienation from even our closest family members which sought to destroy us from even more powerful minds of deceit than those who actually inflicted the pain have fallen.

This year is a year of peace, simplicity and basic honest sweet living.

The complicated voices and distractions will fade.

The noisy clutter of life will fade.

The Mother will have her own.

For she has patiently waited for us to put our toys of violence and vengeance away.

Life is One -- Nothing or No One can change that.

I spoke with The President of the USA last night.

It was more than a dream.

It was a soul exchange.

I asked him for a job.

This is all in the spirit and soul realm so there is no need for fear.

I expressed to him my need, and he said, "Well, what can you do"?

That do word again... but in interest of getting the job in spirit I said, "Well, I know a little about radios and electroics... but I'm not very good at it. How about if I drive a delivery truck to supply The White House with toilet paper"?

He said, "Fine".

It is a brand new White House, and it felt like it was in the Denver area.

I'll let you know how the job goes -- It is a fine feeling to be able to work in the spirit.

The Goddess knows the needs of her children and the pain of want and need.

All of my needs, wants and desires are fullfilled within and without.

Blessed Be.

Blessed Be.

Blessed Be.

Go and Be.

Don't do.

Let go and let God and Blessed Goddess do through you.

Just be a willing instrument.

All will come to pass as it is supposed to.

We feel alienated and alone and strange because this civilization like the many ones which have gone before are built on the human ego.

The human ego is dying.

Let it die.

Father and Mother will replace it with many more wonders this coming year.

Remember, this is coming from someone who is manic depressive and has spent 3/4's of his life in insane asylums.

Death is not real.

Who told you you were naked?

It is all a lie.

Peace be still and know that I AM God.

Go Be.

Blessed Be.

I AM He, I AM Her -- nothing or no one in heaven, earth or hell can change that.

It is the way it is and shall be.

Does not the sun still shine ?

It will continue to shine brighter and better all year long and then some.

This is the year to return to simple, basic life like our forefathers and foremothers.

Simple life.

Simple basic life.

Our toys have lost their alure.

They are only there to create an artificial need and want which all human egos have.


Desire nothing for you already have all things here and now in the natural and the spiritual.

All you have to do is realize that you are a native of this universe and universes beyond.

You will never die.

This is your home.

Enjoy it.

Blessed Be.

-- Burt B.

Last edited by Burt B.; 01/10/13 01:07 PM.

two cat you na versity
#800000 - 01/10/13 09:48 PM Re: The Goddess [Re: Linda, Tarot Editor]  
Joined: Nov 2010
Posts: 965
ancientflaxman Offline
ancientflaxman  Offline

Joined: Nov 2010
Posts: 965
in the middle of Minnesota
Burt, you experience some incredible things and I do understand why you do. You are ancient, my man!! I appreciate your boldness in writing. We are not going to be understood or even liked by many but that is not a criteria for living and speaking as we do. You write from you inner being which reflects you ancient acquisition of knowledge. Some of us aren't from this realm. We soon see that we no longer have to try to fit into the system. I flunked out of this culture long ago and it was the most freeing day of my life. No more comparisons, no more being controlled by time and space. We are spirit. This is what the Mother has shown us;

We were told that we were flesh when we were born and that this was our only world. The more that we tried to force ourselves to live according to the natural-visible the more we pushed ourselves away from its clutches. We said,"ouch, or OOO, that hurts" over and over again until we let go of what was never really ours to begin with.

Yeh, we have to live in this realm yet we soar in spirit more and more on a daily basis and our decisions are based upon our view of the eternal more-so now than before when they were based upon natural occurrences or karma.

When we let go of what is not ours then communication with even those at the highest natural or spiritual realms, though rare at times, is not altogether uncommon. They look to us for answers as do we. When anyone needs solid truths they look to the foundation. That is what supports the entirety.The lowest, most overlooked, and most hidden is given greater honor. Those that highly esteem their own rank have little foundation. Those that are in the highest of places who know of their value as servants to others are truly and rightfully among the most esteemed . Thus, as we view the spiritual life there is no high or low, dark or light, rich or poor, it is all of the same substance and each piece balances and complements the other. In that highest of spiritual realms we surpass the me and mine. In that realm is all knowledge, all compassion, and all fullness. We return to who we really are, the reality of a great oneness since before the foundation of this system.

Good stuff Burt, I love reading your posts !!

Last edited by ancientflaxman; 01/10/13 09:50 PM.
#800130 - 01/11/13 11:28 AM Re: The Goddess [Re: ancientflaxman]  
Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 1,855
Burt B. Offline
Burt B.  Offline

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 1,855
Well, I'm certainly glad someone out there enjoys reading my posts because they have names for people like me:

Narcissistic, megalomaniaical, magical-thinking, developmentally-challenged 6-yr. old.

Yet look at the slew of movies...

2001 A Space Odyssey... Star Trek.. Star Wars.. 1965 "Camelot".. Lord of the Rings... Narnia... Merlin now on SyFy Friday nights.

Magic, Magic, Magic...

Black Magicians still rule the roost here on this planet and in the matter universe.

God is crucified in the material world.. in you, in me everyday in every way.

Autistic children.


The spirit is wanting to grow and express -- but anything that goes against the grain of 'social norms' is dismissed as a disorder.

As soon as we leave the birth canal we are exposed to sights, sounds and chemicals all designed to 'educate' the God out of us.

Yeah, well go on with your bad selves ... I have eternity speaking and thinking in my heart.

Keep the people sheeple because they have been cut off permanently from life.

Which they?

The Fallen Angels which is no fairy tale to scare little children.

Every murder started with jealousy.

"What is man that you are mindful of him"?

"Made a little lower than the angels destined to be crowned with more glory".

Hmmm... sounds like a plan for disaster from the very beginning.

By God's Grace, I know a little of the whys in this world, which is comforting at a certain level.

But, I'm not an effective person in the outer, that's why I have resigned to allow God and Goddess to use me whenever and where-ever they can on the inner.

Socially, Politically and Economically I'm a bottom-feeder, a sub-human.

I've been on SSI disability since 1995.

Kill or be killed.

Rambo, He-Man, Universal Soldier -- still trying to reclaim in a mechanical way what you have lost...

Namely, self-mastery of your own personal Godhood.

Why build automobiles, spacecraft, and planes to mechanically do for you what you were able to do for yourself effortlessly in times and climes past:

Namely, levitate your physical body and travel beyond light-speeds to a different location or bi-locate.

No problem in spirit -- real big problem in concrete, scientific, educate the god out of you to fit in society.

And, of course, I'm the insane one.

Well that was just a projection and I believed the lie and ended-up medicated.

But, they still cannot Kill God.

Oh they try with genetically modified foods and so-called 'music' that is nothing more than the opening of the bowels of hell..


Ask me if I care anymore.

What is, is.

They can't change it.

"The System" got me early @ 16yrs. and convinced me that hearing the voice of god and of 'the devil' was not natural.

And indeed it was.

Did not Our LORD Jesus Christ actually go through the same thing?

Anyway, I'm 51 now, and I have to let go... I'm not as much a threat to 'them' anymore as I was in my youth, so I'm pretty much left alone to think which I like to do anyway.

Rhodes Scholar ?

Yeah... Seems to me that his lineage goes back to those "who fell from the sky" i.e. The Nephilim.

So, let them rule their roost of power and war games.

Let's see how far they get as the cycles unfold.

Blessed Be.

-- Burt B.

two cat you na versity
#800254 - 01/12/13 02:06 AM Re: The Goddess [Re: Burt B.]  
Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 17,644
Phyllis Doyle Burns Offline
Highest Posting Power Known to Humanity
Phyllis Doyle Burns  Offline
Highest Posting Power Known to Humanity

Joined: Nov 2007
Posts: 17,644
Reno, NV
Although St. Frances wrote this, they are words that the Mother would say to her children.

I will be an instrument of peace;
Where there is hatred, I will sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, joy.
I will not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
And it is dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

~ St. Frances

Last edited by Phyllis at Folk/Myth; 01/12/13 02:10 AM.

Walk in Peace and Harmony.
Phyllis Doyle Burns
Avatar: Fair Helena by Rackham, Public Domain
#800310 - 01/12/13 02:02 PM Re: The Goddess [Re: Phyllis Doyle Burns]  
Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 1,855
Burt B. Offline
Burt B.  Offline

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 1,855

Soothing to the core.

Thank You Phyllis smile

two cat you na versity
#800612 - 01/14/13 05:49 PM Re: The Goddess [Re: Burt B.]  
Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 4,797
Debbie-SpiritualityEditor Offline
BellaOnline Editor
Debbie-SpiritualityEditor  Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 4,797
Burt.....I love reading your posts as well, especially your newest ones. It seems that with time your understanding becomes more and more clear, and I do agree with Dave that you have the spirit of one who is ancient and knowledgeable.

To just "be" is truly the way to happiness and peace. The world around us is so fake and power driven. It is a product of the ego of man, and the result is a place that I don't recognize as being "home". It is only with time that I have come to understand the reasons why I feel like I do not belong here. Now I know that what is around me is not the real deal, and I already have what is true and meaningful deep within myself. I have known for a long time that I don't really fit into this world. I don't have to fight it anymore. I can just be who I really am and accept the good that is within myself, and I will somehow get by in this temporary realm. I am not crazy or an oddity. I AM the real deal.

Burt, I see such beauty within you. Who cares what other men have diagnosed you with. I sense a smart, witty, sensitive, and loving soul. You inspire me in ways you will never know. I am so happy and blessed to know you, my dear Brother and friend. You are the real deal. Love on and live on.....Blessed Be.

Debbie Grejdus
Spirituality Site Editor
Spirituality Forum Moderator
#800613 - 01/14/13 05:55 PM Re: The Goddess [Re: Phyllis Doyle Burns]  
Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 4,797
Debbie-SpiritualityEditor Offline
BellaOnline Editor
Debbie-SpiritualityEditor  Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 4,797
Phyllis, I love that wonderful prayer by St. Francis of Assisi. Thank you for sharing it here with us.

Debbie Grejdus
Spirituality Site Editor
Spirituality Forum Moderator
#800804 - 01/15/13 06:49 PM Re: The Goddess [Re: Linda, Tarot Editor]  
Joined: Nov 2010
Posts: 965
ancientflaxman Offline
ancientflaxman  Offline

Joined: Nov 2010
Posts: 965
in the middle of Minnesota
The great Mother has for five centuries shown my family about the realm of the spirit world. As we were able to see, digest, and live according to higher realms of such we were prompted to advance towards the fullest knowledge of it. Speaking to a person that has been blind since birth about the beauty of a particular color is futile. In that same light expecting one to see a world that they are not able to accept either due to fear, ignorance, or inadequate time needed to comprehend such a level is also unrealistic.

Her patience is unending however and She undergirds Her own in the learning process. It is of course true that there are many ways of entering that world and one is no greater or better than the other. I am simply speaking of our journey in which She is concerned.

I have stated my/our ability to see the higher realms of the spirit world and a few still tell me at times, "What have you been smokin?" They might also tell me that my dosage is totally inadequate, it needs to be increased!!! Oh well, they will always be but I wait for the day when they will free themselves enough to see reality on a universal scale instead of cultural opinion begrudging every needed change in our state of being.

Facing this new frontier is frowned upon by the upper-work of society. It becomes clear to those that are able to envision its magnificence and freedom that there is no need for an upper-work.

In this realm we don't need gas guzzlers. We go where we wish by simply envisioning our destination and allowing ourselves to be there. Unheard of in the mortal fearing world.. We have no need for heat or light as well because we are spirit. We have our own light and bring our own comfort with us.

The body is alive only because of the spirit within. The body must have the spirit but the spirit is capable of existence with or without the flesh.

Moving on to that realm. Even the presumed lowliest as well as the most knowledgeable teach as well as learn. It is the most knowledgeable that are taught these greater truths by the presumed lowly as they were the easiest and most uncluttered in mind to first accept them at face value. It soon becomes clear as we steadily advance that there are no distinctions as opposed to how we view the natural world.

The supposed inordinate or rejected are viewed as such while advancing in spirit until all is understood and eventually seen as equal in the higher realms.

To the normal physical person sex is viewed as a simple pleasure in the natural and lower spiritual realms. It is the highest and greatest form of momentary physical pleasure to the unenlightened.

In the higher realms of spirit it becomes a far greater energy exchange to where mere sex is not even a part of the equation and of a far lesser energy. The exchange in these high realms permits a sharing of the most profound love, intelligence, and science that separate energies can have.

Then as we advance to its greatest energy and realm we behold a oneness that needs no separate distinction of states of being and we are enveloped back into the eternal from where all of our energies were born out of. We at that state have long forgotten an I or a my or even a we or an our. It is just "what" there is and has always been. Words cannot do this justice until we see its fullness. Then we fully see that natural human communication is profoundly inadequate.

We were told that there is no camping ground in the world of the spirit. It is not an,"I have arrived", type of destination. It is eternally unfolding and in its advance it becomes less geographical and separate as we currently know individuality

These are hated and feared words especially by forces that wish to control the mind and destiny of others. Some of them already know these very principles yet would have the rest be in darkness so they have rule and reign over the unenlightened .

This is why we were hated by the ruling forces that be and some of us put to death. Anyone that saw beyond the status quo was a threat.

In the higher realm of the spirit world all are equal. None are strangers. None do not have enough of any substance needed. Fear, jealousy, hatred, and loneliness are swallowed up by knowledge which becomes freedom, surety, and oneness.

We're told that we must suffer to be on earth. If our focus is upon earth then indeed we will suffer and greater more-so on a daily basis. When we allow ourselves to live in the eternal "now" by visualizing what is deep within us then what happens on this fearful suffering earth is of far less consequence. It may affect us in part but we are still, "In but not of."

Unconditional love coupled with fully accepted ever increasing revelations of truth brings one peace and a sense of being "home"..

As one can visualize the natural order of visible things is the "unnatural." The loneliness, solitude, and competitiveness of earthly existence is man made and also unnatural. Sickness is the product of mans imagination brought forth and given life upon this natural plane. He who caused it to be alive is capable of its disintegration. The only Devil that brought forth illness rests in the heart of humanity. Man has the ability to say "NO, I give it no power." In those words it is eradicated from the earth. Taking back our power is overwhelmingly feared by those that have stolen it.

She would have us all empowered. That is what a Mom does. Blessed Be

#800817 - 01/15/13 08:25 PM Re: The Goddess [Re: ancientflaxman]  
Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 4,797
Debbie-SpiritualityEditor Offline
BellaOnline Editor
Debbie-SpiritualityEditor  Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Joined: Jan 2010
Posts: 4,797
Dave....since I stopped focusing so much on this earth life and I began to truly delve into the spiritual, I feel so much pressure lifted off of me. I don't pay any mind to the material and the so-called powerful anymore. You are right, it is all of far less consequence to me now.

I always enjoy your insightful posts. Thanks for being here, my Brother.

The Mother is a comfort and a loving guide to us all. Blessed Be.

Debbie Grejdus
Spirituality Site Editor
Spirituality Forum Moderator
#800822 - 01/15/13 09:09 PM Re: The Goddess [Re: Linda, Tarot Editor]  
Joined: Nov 2010
Posts: 965
ancientflaxman Offline
ancientflaxman  Offline

Joined: Nov 2010
Posts: 965
in the middle of Minnesota
Debbie, thank you for being there. You must believe even more-so now that none of us are any different in depths of spirituality. You are growing so fast and your spirit soars greater and greater each day. You are loosing all fear and thus are able to see very quickly the higher realm of spirit.

When we first bump into a spiritual soul as we begin our journey they look to be so advanced compared to us. That is the great illusion that we have believed since birth. Then as we advance we see that they were not so very much more advanced than we are in truth. When reality sets in over a little time we see that we are all of the same eternal substance. No smart, no dumb, no high or low, not better or worse.

It is very encouraging for a teacher or leader to assist others in their progression. We are however only complete in our success if we bring others at least to, if not surpassing our knowledge. Then because we love them in its fullness we want even beyond that for them. It is no threat for others to walk past us. The only thing that my family and I would ask is that in doing so please take our hand and take us with you. Maybe we cannot see all that you are now seeing. That is the love of an eternal Mother.

You, Phyllis, Burt and others on this site are some of the most advanced souls that I have ever seen because of your openness. You guys really and fully comprehend what perfect love truly is. I am more than thankful for the incredible people on here and that I am able to share with others even the little truths that I have obtained and for that I am humbled and brought to the center of my being which is eternal. That I believe is the center of all of us.

You know that we have always known each other. We just met once more in this eternal progression of things. It is for a reason and I am joyful beyond mere human emotion. I am unable to communicate fully the depth of gratitude and love that is in my heart!!! dave

Last edited by ancientflaxman; 01/15/13 09:13 PM.
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