Hello to all of us!

Well, the new year has started with a bang and not a whimper in my neck of the woods ... what is happening down your way?

Container Gardening I mean - what changes have you made recently? Have you planned any?

What changes do you intend for your balcony space?

Have you decided to grow something you haven't tried before?

Are you doing a makeover of the container garden - you know, like changng around the furniture in your home!

I do this regularly and drive my helper(s) nutty, but get much pleasure out of a new look and learn something new every year when I do.

Soon I am going to set up some ivy patterns against a neglected wall - I want to do something different from the usual diamond pattern one sees fairly often. Any ideas?

Cheers for now,

Lestie Mulholland - Container Gardening Editor

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"Things GARDENING are great ... they are my daily smiles on toast!" - Jennifer St John-Rose, formerly black thumb recently turned green.