The ACLU has asked the Department of Education to investigate claims that school districts in Birmingham, AL and in Idaho infringe upon equal rights by separating classes based upon sex. According to reports, boys are placed in classes that encourage competition and a curriculum that portray men in a heroic light and girls' instruction include a more quiet environment with more interpersonal interactions. Students who want a co-edcuational experience are required to transfer to another school.

Now, looking at this from a biblical perspective and comparing some co-educational institutions to this senario, it seems to me that this is an idea that needs to be explored. We live in a culture where the lines of gender are blurred and where bilblical manhood and womanhood is discouraged. Needless to say, in reference to this issue on seapartion of the sexes in the classroom, as long as the quaity of and access to education is equal and does not perpetuate or encourage the idea that one sex is superior to the other (like during the times of Jim Crow and "separate but equal" which promoted the idea that blacks were inferior to whites) I really do not see anyting wrong with it.

What exactly is wrong with men protecting, leading, submitting to the authority of God, and learning how to respect women? And, what is wrong with girls learning how to be ladies and understanding that the images on television/music/media that objectify women are contrary to the "liberation of women" and "woman power?" Furthermore, why do we have a tendency to reject what the Bible teaches us about how God made men and women for different complimentary roles which translates into differences not inequality?