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'The Game Maker' is not yet another book with rules on how to resolve your personal problems or change your life. It is a light-hearted look at the universe, Big Bang, consciousness, enlightenment, life after death, eternity and your immortality. It suggests an answer to your deepest questions.

* It explains why scientists may never truly understand the universe
* It suggests what �eternity� and �immortality� are really about
* It discusses a game that everyone plays and how you play it
* It suggests an answer to your very deepest questions

See: The Game Maker - Ian Fenn - Review

1) Do you have your own explanation for why this universe (or you) exist at all?
2) Do you ever discuss this with others or is it a personal matter?
3) Does just thinking about it have any effect on your life in any way?

I'd love to receive your feedback so do add your comments, queries, thoughts, etc., to this Forum thread. I look forward to hearing from you!