First let me say, Season's Greetings to all and I wish you the very best this holiday season.

With the holidays upon us we can experience the stress of finding the perfect gift for the special people in our lives at a price we can afford. In an attempt to get everything just right we can get burned out and for some, the holidays can bring a feeling of sadness and depression. Sometimes we need to plan a weekend getaway to balance ourselves, to find peace away from the hectic busyness of the seasonal preparations. I have found the perfect way to balance and reclaim the peace you need to survive the holiday rush.

Eagle watching gets you out into nature where the memory of stores and gifts are soon forgotten. It allows you to get a breath of fresh air in the solitude of a natural setting. Watching the bald eagle soar on the air currents above the water is soothing to your soul.

Come, take time for yourself, enjoy a stress free day or weekend this holiday season. I will tell you where you can go in Arkansas so your bird watching experience will be a rewarding one.

Eagle Watching in Arkansas