To all or none.
Thought is immaterial,invisible,nonresisting,inconceivable,unsupported,and homeless.A thought is like a stream of a river,without any staying power,as soon as it is produced it breaks up and disappears.A thought is like the flame of a lamp,and it proceeds through causes and conditions.A thought is like lightning,it breaks up in a moment and does not stay on.
Searching for thought all around,he does see it in the skandas,or in the elements or in the sense-fields.Unable to see
thought,,he seeks to find the trend of thought and ask himself
:Whence is the Genesis of thought:?

Then it occurs to him that:where there is an object,"there"
thought arises.Is then the thought one thing, and the object another? No what is the object,just that is the thought.if the object were one thing,and the thought another,,then there would be a double state of thought.

so the object itself is just thought.can then thought review thought?no thought cannot review thought.As the blade of a sword cannot cut itself,so a thought cannot see itself.Moreover,vexed and pressed by all sides,thought proceeds,without any staying power,like a monkey or like the wind.It ranges far,bodiless,easily changing,agitated,by the objects of sense,with the six sense fields for its sphere,connected with one thing after another.The stability of thought,its one-pointedness,its immobility,its undistraughtness,its one-pointed calm,its nondistraction,that is on the other hand called Mindfulness as to thought,

Text by TNH.