I received the following question from the contact form on my BIO page:

What is the difference between a regular school curriculum/diploma VS an IB school? Is one better than the other? I would be interested in an article about IB schools & their curriculum.

Because the question came without a return address, I couldn't answer it via email so I'm putting the question and the answer here.

The IB diploma is awarded for the successful completion of a two-year curriculum taken during the last two years of high school. Juniors and seniors take six courses from five subject areas. They also have to write a 4,000-word paper and perform a set amount of community service. �The purpose of the IB program is to foster international awareness in students. The IB curriculum differs from a regular school curriculum in focus and scope.�

Thanks to the reader who sent me the question. I have the IB on my list of articles to write for School Reform in the coming weeks.

Maeve Maddox
School Reform